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Supporter groups are the lifeblood of the stadium, the twelfth player, and the creative force that works tirelessly in support of the team on the field. There are 6 unique groups that support Angel City FC, learn more about each group below. 
Angel City Valkyries

Angel City Valkyries

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Welcome to ValhalLA! Angel City Valkyries is an independent supporters group of Angel City FC. We strive to be inclusive, passionate, and community-driven in supporting our team, Los Angeles, and beyond. Our love for women’s soccer stems from World Cups, Olympics, NWSL, International Leagues, Collegiate/Club Soccer, and has grown to our local LA team, Angel City FC.  


Mosaic 1781

Mosaic 1781

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Our mission as a supporters group is to represent and support Angel City FC both on and off the field through the passion that unites us all: SOCCER. Los Angeles is a diverse melting pot of ethnicities, cultures, religions, sexual orientations, and genders. MOSAIC 1781 strives to be inclusive and respect all those that contribute to the success of the Greater Los Angeles area and make the city a mosaic of diversity.  



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Pandemonium is an independent, official supporters group of Angel City Football Club. We are an inclusive, fun-loving cohort of people who actively engage in support of women in sports in our community and our world, and are dedicated to elevating the women’s game and enterprise. We strive to be an anti-racist organization, grounded in intersectional principles and fostering a culture of respect and inclusion for all. As an organization, Pandemonium is horizontally organized - we all work together in good faith and for the betterment of the supporter experience.  



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¡Somos PodeRosas!

We are the angel city podeRosas, created in the fall of 2021, by some amazing chingonxs who call LA home. we come together with a shared love for our city and a deep desire to build community, presence, and support for LA’s first national women’s soccer league team: Angel City Football Club. podeRosas aim to create a supporter space in the soccer world that is led by and for women and femmes of color, one which is committed to values of care, social justice, and collective joy. we imagine a space, which reflects the world we want our children to grow up in. as such, how we show up for the game is how we show up in the world. LET'S GO ANGEL CITY! ¡VAMOS ANGEL CITY FC! ¡DEL BARRIO, PA'L BARRIO! FOR THE HOOD, BY THE HOOD! 

Rebellion 99

Rebellion 99, Inc.

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What started as a movement to "Bring NWSL to LA" in June 2019 evolved into the Rebellion 99 supporters group on July 12, 2020 as Julie Uhrman confirmed our mission was a success. We, the supporters of Rebellion 99, vow to support our Angel City Football Club through our wins, draws and losses, as well as work to uplift women, LGBTQIA+ and marginalized communities everywhere. Rebellion 99 and its supporters stand for inclusivity, equality, respect and camaraderie and will uphold these standards at all times – in and out of the stands.  

Relentless Ladies

Relentless Ladies

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Relentless Ladies SG are an all inclusive and family friendly bunch of soccer fans who love getting together, firing up the grill and enjoying some cold beverages while supporting our beloved Angel City FC.  We also look to make a difference not only in the stands but in our communities as well. WE SHOW UP EARLY, WE SHOW UP IN FORCE, WE SHOW UP ALWAYS, WE ARE RELENTLESS




  • The Supporters Section is located in BMO Stadium sections 102 – 106
  • There are 6 unique groups that support Angel City FC
  • The Supporters Section is open to the public, one does not have to belong to a Supporter Group to enjoy the greatest matchday experience in all of live sports. Purchase tickets today!
  • Supporter groups are the lifeblood of the stadium, the twelfth player, and the creative force that works tirelessly in support of the team on the field. Learn more about each group below. 
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  • Happy Hour! $5 pre-match Heineken beers for 90 minutes prior to kickoff
  • Early entrance into the stadium
  • First come, first served stands
  • Pre-match group tailgates
  • Come as you are, fly your flags