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About the ACFC Coach Network

We believe that coaches are the game changers that create transformative experiences for youth through sports. Coaches teach youth not just sports skills but life skills during their time together. Given that a lack of positive role models is one of the key factors contributing to girls dropping out of sports at twice the rate of boys, we also know that it is critical that girls and gender expansive youth see themselves represented in their coaches.

That’s why the ACFC Coach Network is building real coaching pathways for girls, women and gender expansive individuals through a combination of education, mentorship, and access to paid coaching opportunities.

Benefits of the ACFC Coach Network

As a reminder through the ACFC Coach Network, you get access to:

  • Free 9v9, 11v11, and D-licensing coach courses.
  • WeCOACH membership access that includes:
    • Leadership Programs - Virtual coach network and mentorship program
    • Career Resources - Virtual library and career postings
    • Awards and Scholarships
  • Access to engage with Angel City FC coaching staff through Q&A sessions

Join the ACFC Coach Network!