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Countdown to 2024: Two New Kits for the New Season

Sarah Gorden jersey

For Angel City’s senior director of commerce, Cherise Crichlow, jerseys are about self-expression.

Before transitioning to roles in soccer lifestyle apparel, Crichlow was a huge basketball fan, where fashion is synonymous with hoops. The owner of dozens of jerseys, she says “it’s about so much more than just a sports team. It’s a way to express yourself, what you align with, or whatever you’re feeling on a particular day.”

That’s what makes 2024 a special year on the jersey front: like the rest of the league, ACFC will release two new kits, a primary and a secondary. We can’t reveal too much about the two looks in advance of their launch date on February 27, but what we can say is that the club is taking advantage of a league-wide design mandate—each team must have a light kit and a dark kit, one of which is based on a template being used by every club—to tell a uniquely LA story.

More on that story in a moment; first, let’s drill down on why every team has two new jerseys for 2024. In short, Nike has recommitted to being the NWSL’s jersey partner, continuing and strengthening their presence in the women’s game. As part of the new deal, the whole league is moving to the same design and manufacturing timeline, with every team releasing a new primary and secondary kit in alternating years moving forward. The secondary kit will sunset after the 2024 season, and the primary kit will remain for two seasons. 

This new deal is a statement of support and commitment from Nike, which has allowed teams to collaborate in designing fashion-forward jerseys. Nike's reputation precedes it as a well-known brand. By signing a long-term deal, they can help teams tap into the global market, especially in launching the league jersey campaign for all teams.

This re-alignment should have a significant positive impact on smaller-market teams and on the league as a whole, rather than simply focusing on order quantities.

Light and Dark

The design of the two contrasting jerseys tells a story about Angel City, its fans, and the city of Los Angeles.

“It’s about the grit and determination and resilience we bring to the game,” says Angel City Creative Director Amedea Tassinari, “but there's a joy at the core while we do it.”

Determination and resilience were on-field themes for Angel City last year, as the team recovered from a difficult start to go on and lose only one game over the second half of the regular season. 

Crichlow says the two contrasting looks let fans express whichever part of that story they identify most with. “For me it’s the hustle and the grind aspect—all the years of hard work it took me to get where I am today.”

“But at the end of it,” she adds, “there’s that joy of accomplishing your goals.”

That story speaks to all aspects of Angel City, from the players on the field to the supporters in the stands to the club’s work in the community.

“Our team brings grit, determination, and resilience,” says Tassinari. “So do our fans. So do our efforts off the pitch and in the community. And the thing that makes that unique and special to Angel City is that we do so with joy at our core and a relentless optimism.”

Both kits are set to launch on Tuesday, February 27 so stay close to your email inbox and Angel City social channels for the drop. Additionally, Angel City will be hosting a Sip, Shop, & Watch at three locations across LA to celebrate the launch of the kits. Located at 33 Taps in Silver Lake, Culver City, and their brand new location in DTLA, the events are open to the public and will give fans the opportunity to see and shop the new kits in person (exclusive gift with purchase on site), meet and get photos with players at each location, hang with fellow ACFC fans, and watch a Gold Cup match. Angel City Season Ticket Members who attend will be entered to win a VIP raffle at each location and the first 50 Members to arrive will receive a drink ticket at each location as well. Visit for full details!