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Angel City Announces Pacsun as Team-Level Partner

acfc_pacsun_crestlockupAngel City Football Club (ACFC) welcomes Pacsun as its latest team-level partner today. This collaboration marks a significant step forward for both entities, fostering a strong connection between the globally recognized football club and the renowned Southern California-based lifestyle apparel/retail brand.

Pacsun is Gen Z’s leading purpose-driven youth retailer, inspiring the next generation of youth by building community at the intersection of fashion, music, art, and sport, with 325 retail locations across the United States. Rooted in Southern California culture, Pacsun curates styles in Los Angeles and extends beyond fashion offerings to empower youth expression throughout its global community. 


In 2020, the brand expanded its impact with the introduction of PacCares, a philanthropic initiative focused on mental health, female empowerment, and social justice. Additionally, with its ongoing commitment to youth culture, Pacsun recently announced The Pacsun Collective, a national initiative that invites its community to join the creative processes and help shape the future of the brand through co-creation.

As a fellow Los Angeles-based brand, Pacsun has actively invested in local sports franchises, including LAFC and the LA Rams. Recognizing ACFC's community impact and cultural significance beyond sports, Pacsun sees an opportunity to engage a broader audience while supporting women's sports, complementing their investment in men's teams. The collaboration promises to showcase the synergy between the brands, leveraging Pacsun's retail stores in Los Angeles for increased visibility.

As with all ACFC partnerships, where 10% is reallocated back into the community, Angel City FC and Pacsun are collaborating with Las Fotos Project, directing the creative lens of their photographers towards capturing the essence of this partnership. Pacsun's engagement with Las Fotos Project extends beyond this collaboration, potentially encompassing other product shoots, thus amplifying our collective impact on shared initiatives.

Partnership Highlights:

  • Multi-year team-level partnership
  • Two-part content series showcasing the collaboration in-store at Pacsun, featuring members of the Angel City community shopping the store and merchandise
  • Showcasing the collaboration through Merch of the Match, Social, and email inclusions

Julie Uhrman, President and Founder of Angel City FC, expressed her enthusiasm about the partnership:

"We are happy to welcome Pacsun to Angel City as our newest team-level partner. This collaboration is a testament to our shared values and commitment to empowering communities across Los Angeles and beyond. We look forward to creating impactful moments together on and off the field."

Brie Olson, CEO of Pacsun, shared her thoughts on the partnership:

"Pacsun is thrilled to partner with Angel City FC, an organization that shares our passion for authenticity, empowerment, and community impact. We believe this collaboration will resonate with our diverse audience, and we look forward to creating unique experiences that showcase the essence of both brands."