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Angel City is not just another football club. We’re not even a women’s football club. 

We’re a brand on a mission to make a difference in this world. We’re born of the streets of Los Angeles and we stand side-by-side with our community.

Football is our passion and the vehicle through which we speak to our community and passionate followers.

Our active purpose is our north star guiding us all to strive for better in everything we do. 

It unites us all as we soar higher together each and every day


We are outspoken, impudent and sometimes a little controversial, all in service of what we believe in. 


Our team and our values raise the bar and set a new standard for women’s soccer. We are proud, confident and empowering.


We’re not just a team, we’re a movement inspired by those around us, and in turn are naturally inspiring to others. We invite people to take action alongside us to build community.

Any reason. Anytime. We want to know you.

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