For Angel City


Together, we will build something truly unique

Together, we will build something truly unique

For Angel City


I could not be more excited to write this, my first President's letter, to introduce myself and share our vision and commitment to you, Los Angeles.

My name is Julie Uhrman, and I am the President of the group working to bring a professional women's soccer team to LA, as part of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) come Spring, 2022. While our official name and venue partner will be announced before the end of the year, we call ourselves "Angel City" in honor of our planned home, here in Los Angeles. 

A little bit about me: I was born and raised in Los Angeles, and sport has always been a huge part of my life. When I was nine years old, my twin sister and I joined the local YMCA to play our favorite sport, basketball. She and I were the only two girls, out of 60 players on the court that year, and were the only girls playing for many more years. It really didn't make a difference to us - we just wanted to play, and we loved it. It made us stronger. We were no different than the boys.

For the next 12 years, throughout college, basketball was a big part of my life. I am convinced that my successes in the business world, over the last 25 years, in large part, can be attributed to my experiences on the court. The lessons I learned on that court have fueled me to follow my dreams. To be tough. To always persevere. To never take no for an answer. To understand the value of teamwork and pay attention to detail. 

When my friend, Kara Nortman, approached me with the opportunity to help bring a professional women's soccer team to Los Angeles, I jumped at the chance. Literally, who gets the opportunity to help build a professional team from scratch in their hometown? Who gets to work with their friends, who share a passion for sport and understand how sport can unite and mobilize a community? Kara didn't have to ask me twice!

For nearly a year, Kara, Natalie Portman, and I have had hundreds of conversations with owners, players, sports and entertainment executives, activists, union leaders and fans to ensure we did things right. We found a like-minded partner in Alexis Ohanian, who shared our passion for women’s soccer and commitment to level the playing field. We have had a great experience working with the NWSL, its owners, and the league office, led by Commissioner, Lisa Baird.

Our growing collective of activists, actors, athletes, and entrepreneurs truly believe in LA's incredible sports culture, and the power of soccer, the most popular sport on Earth. But with nine professional teams and NCAA powerhouses USC and UCLA, isn't it high time that we also have a women's soccer team to rally behind?

Our city deserves better. Sports fans deserve better. Players deserve better. And together, we will build something truly unique.

Today, we commit:  

- We will write a new playbook - one that is uniquely ours. 

- We will reshape exceptions and think differently about ownership, ticketing, partnerships, and community collaboration. 

- We will create the ultimate fan experience. 

- We will provide an incredible opportunity for our players, our coaches, and our team staff to represent Los Angeles with pride.

- We will make a positive impact on our local community and bring Los Angeles' influence to the global football community. 

- We will ignite higher expectations on and off the field with our players, our communities, and our youth.

But there is no team without you - the fans - so we must do this together.

We ask you, from today forward, to engage with us. Email us at and share with us your thoughts and ideas. Follow us on social. Become a member. Join a Supporter Group.

Together, we will be bigger than a game; we will be game-changers. 

Join us and help Angel City take flight! Welcome to the beginning. 

The NWSL fall series will include 18 matches over the course of seven weeks, featuring three, three-team pods. Teams within each pod will play one another to enable the league to minimize travel. The full format and schedule for the NWSL fall series will be released in the next week.

Any reason. Anytime. We want to know you.

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