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Join Us For Our March To Kickoff!

A month-long celebration counting down the days to our 2024 Home Opener! Using the March To Kickoff Bingo Board, win prizes all month-long by participating in activities and events each week! Enjoy digital contests and activations, in-person events, and special opportunities to connect with the ACFC community before our Home Opener on March 17 vs Bay FC.

Win prizes and giveaways every time you mark an activity off of your bingo card!

BONUS SQUARE: Ride the Metro to and from the Home Opener on March 17 with ACFC ACFC staff, fans, and Supporters for a FREE*. RSVP here.

How Does This Work

  • Download the bingo board
  • Complete your bingo board
    • For in-person activations, scan the QR code at the Street Team tent and submit your contact information.
    • For "post a pic..." activations, tag @weareangelcity and use #MarchToKickoff when you post to social media
    • For volunteer opportunities, sign up and attend the volunteer time slot you signed up for.
  • Every activity you mark off your bingo board, you will be entered to win special prizes.
  • Bingo! When you complete 5 items in a row (horizontal, vertical, diagonal) you will be entered to win our GRAND PRIZE. Visit our Street Team tent at Fan Fest on March 16


For every activity that you participate in during our March to Kickoff, you will be entered to win a prize.

Completed your Bingo Board? Show us your completed bingo board at our Street Team tent at Fan Fest on March 17 and enter to win the GRAND PRIZE!






*You can also enter to win the grand prize here.

Bingo Board Details & Quick Links

Celebrate Lunar New Year with the Street Team
View Community Events

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