The Friday Five: Women in the Los Angeles Rams Organizations to Know

The Friday Five: Women in the Los Angeles Rams Organizations to Know

Sophie Luoto | Director, Football Operations

In February 2020, the Los Angeles Rams made a notable move in the front office; Sophie Luoto was promoted to Director of Football Operations making her one of the highest-ranking female executives in the sport. As Director of Football Operations, Luoto is responsible for team and scout travel, the team’s practice facility, and more. “I didn’t ask for it,” Luoto said of the role. “I put my head down and I dominated every role I was given.” From her start as a Student Recruiting Assistant at UCLA, to Director of Recruiting Operations at Cal, Luoto’s story shows that qualifications and work ethic are what matter most when choosing the right candidate for a role.

Molly Higgins | Vice President, Community Affairs and Engagement

Molly Higgins is one of the longest tenured female executives in the Los Angeles Rams organization. Her journey with the Rams started in 2002 where she quickly realized that community outreach was the perfect combination of her passion for sports and giving back to others. Higgins’ role is to oversee the team’s community outreach and charitable moments. Building a playground for an elementary school, connecting athletes to charities, partnering with local nonprofits — Higgins has a hand in it all. In a market as large as Los Angeles, Higgins’ community efforts have not gone unnoticed; she was most recently named one of Sports Business Journal’s 2020 Game Changers.

Tiffany White | Lead Communications Specialist 

In 2019, the Los Angeles Rams public relations staff was awarded the Pete Rozelle Award by the Professional Football Writers of America (PFWA). Part of that staff is Tiffany White — the Rams Lead Communications Specialist. White, who has been with the organization since 2012, holds her position dearly; her love for the game is something she shares with both her father and brother. Her introduction to the world of sports came when she was assigned to cover softball, swimming, and (eventually) football for her college newspaper. That, along with an internship with the Washington Football Team, ultimately helped propel her to where she is today. Skill, class and responsiveness are what make White and the Rams public relations staff one of the best in the NFL.

Jamie Han | Manager, Social Media

Sydney Ringdahl | Coordinator, Social Media 

Jamie Han and Sydney Ringdahl are the creative minds that are responsible for bringing the Los Angeles Rams to your fingertips. The social duo is headed by Han, a University of Georgia alum who got her start with the Rams organization in 2017. When asked about her experience thus far, Han told Gwinnett Daily Post, “I think the coolest part, not to be cliché, [is] being part of something bigger than you.” Having a hand in social means being part of a larger team; writers, on-camera reporters, video editors, etc. There to help tackle the content needs of the organization is Sydney Ringdahl, a TCU grad who joined the Rams one year after Han. As the team prepares to head into the playoffs, we’re pumped to see what content this duo will produce for their fanbase!

Chelsea Romero | Strength and Conditioning Coach

If there’s one thing we can take from Chelsea Romero’s success story, it’s PRO — Performance, Relationships and Opportunity. Prior to interning for the Rams in 2017, Romero worked with a number of teams at UC Irvine as well as a junior college softball team. When she received word that Ted Rath (Former Rams Director of Strength Training & Performance) would be visiting UC Irvine, she did one of the simplest things you could do; she introduced herself and offered to help the team in any way possible. For the next three summers, Romero dedicated herself to the Rams training camps and fostered relationships with both the staff and players. In September 2020, she finally received the full-time opportunity she had been waiting for making her the Rams first-ever female Strength and Conditioning Coach.

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