When Our Youth Speak: Calls to Action From Our Panelists

When Our Youth Speak: Calls to Action From Our Panelists

In honor of Black History Month, Angel City FC has been hosting a series of community conversations with groups of prominent panelists and moderators from across the sports and media industry. Recently, we got to hear directly from the youth within our community about their experiences with race on and off the pitch. Their hope is that we continue to have these conversations well past the month of February… and when our youth speak, we must listen. Today, they challenge all of us to do the following:

Elise Evans | FC Bay Area

I would like to challenge everyone to not only be not racist, but anti-racist. We need everyone to consider how they can promote racial equality in their own sphere of influence.

Amber Grimes | AYSO United Los Angeles

I would challenge people to educate themselves on racial issues past and present, along with standing up to everyday and on-the-field injustices because just acknowledging the issue isn’t enough.

Alexander Ibarra | Sheriffs FC

I would like to challenge others to help coaches of color get licenses so they can be professional coaches. White coaches can be allies and use their voice to make sure coaching classes are accessible and affordable.

Chamya Smith | Downtown LA SC

My prayers and hope is that one day, the racial injustice that plagues this country, not only in sports, but in everything is diminished. I would love to see more panels played out where professionals are involved as well as referees on all levels. Also, a bigger representation with people of color in soccer on all levels. I love this sport and this is why I feel so strongly about these issues. Thanks to everyone for involving me. 

Libby Smith | Downtown LA SC

To all Allies, I challenge you to listen. No matter how much you think you know about race, there is always more to learn from POC. So listen, understand, and always push yourself to be better. 

To hear more from our youth panelists, watch the full panel here.

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