De Alemania para la comunidad. From Germany, for the community.

In the city of La Habra, you’ll find Continental Deli — a German deli that’s been around since 1963. Over the years, it has evolved into a hub for fans of FC Bayern Munich, but more importantly, has served as a spark igniting the love of soccer in many. As a member of Angel City FC and Angel City Valkyries, Nicole Geub knows this all too well.

From watching games at her parent’s pub (and now deli) to taking the pitch herself, soccer has been ingrained in Nicole from a young age. The sport has simply always been a family affair; one that has now poured into the community of La Habra. Through her role with FCB Anaheim, Nicole has curated a safe space at her parent’s deli where fans are able to come to enjoy what unites us all — the sport of fútbol.

Q: When did your family open Continental Deli in La Habra?

A: The Deli has been around since 1963! My family took over in 2013 after the previous owners decided to retire. They knew my grandparents and all came over from Germany around the same time, so when our Rathskeller closed they reached out to us and we took over shortly after. Now we’re keeping the German tradition alive and well in La Habra.

Q: How did the deli become a hub for watching soccer?

A: Well, when we first took over, a lot of our regulars from the pub came to watch important games and [the] World Cup 2014. Soon after, a friend introduced me to the president of FCB Anaheim and we agreed to host their watch parties at the Deli. [My dad and I] have been Bayern fans, so it worked out for all of us. [Fast] forward 4 years and I’m in charge of the club and people are coming to watch games with us and learn about the game too. Since we’ve been at the Deli more and more people who aren’t into the sport… have warmed up and care more and more about [soccer].

Q: How important is it to have a place where your family and the soccer community can come together?

A: It’s super important that we have an outlet to share our love of the game because our excitement for the game spurs others to pay attention and then the community grows. It helps us to lift the community and we stick together and have each other's backs. People from all over, lovers of any team know they can come here and watch without getting any hate. I feel like we’re very inclusive and it helps the community grow.

Q: What is your favorite soccer memory?

A: I have to just pick one? Well, I enjoyed the Women’s World Cup Canada in 2015… I booked the flight and hotel stay for myself a few weeks before the game and went up for just one day, the day of the game. It was thrilling to travel for an event like this all on my own and for just a short time. I literally arrived Monday night, went to the game at the stadium on Tuesday, then flew home on Wednesday, just so I wouldn’t miss any of the other games being shown on TV! Let’s just say the game was great, Abby scored a header and I was having a grand time with my seat neighbors… It was a whirlwind I’ll never forget and I loved every minute!

Q: Who is your favorite soccer player?

A: Well, that’s a loaded question. I grew up loving watching the USWNT play. Mia Hamm was the first jersey I actually bought and looking back at how she played with grit and passion inspired me! But playing goalkeeper as a youth, I looked up to Brianna Scurry and Oliver Kahn. Their fire in [the] goal spurred me to be a better player.

Q: How did you become interested in Angel City FC?

A: I first became interested in ACFC because I follow NWSL on Instagram. [I] saw an expansion announcement and thought it would be great to go out and support a team of women for LA! And, after the success [of] the Women’s World Cup, I remember talking to friends about how cool it would be to have a women’s team in LA… then viola! I saw the ad and ACFC announced [its] arrival. I was stoked to see that it’s being run by women as well!

Q: What does it mean to you to have a professional women’s soccer team in Los Angeles?

A: It makes me very proud to have a pro women’s team in LA! This is the land of plenty… we have 2 of every other men’s team and it’s about time the women’s game gets the recognition it deserves. Finally, the masses get to experience real women’s football on the grand stage in a big stadium. I always hear when watching pro men’s soccer games, that they (spectators) would rather watch women play because they’re tougher and they play on instead of flop around on the field. Now, this is our chance to show ‘em who runs the world.

Q: What are you looking forward to most from Angel City’s inaugural 2022 season?

A: I’m really looking forward to an attack-minded, relentless goal-scoring machine team! But, before all that, I’m mostly looking forward to being in the crowd and being with the fans! I love the community that soccer inspires and being able to be part of this new and upcoming Los Angeles team thrills me to no end! The fans are what are going to make this a goal-scoring machine, and I can’t wait to be a part of [it].

Q: Can we expect some Angel City FC watch parties at the deli?

A: Most definitely! If I’m not at the actual stadium for the game, you can count on us getting together to watch at the Deli!


Continental Deli is located at 1510 W Imperial Hwy # C, La Habra, CA 90631. Be sure to try the currywurst or potato salad at your next visit — they are some of Nicole’s favorites!

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