Matthew Slaton has shown a deep passion for supporting Angel City Football Club and our purpose since Day One. We received an email from Matthew on July 21st, 2020, the day we launched ACFC, in which the Los Angeles native wrote:

As a black man with twin daughters, it is important to have opportunities for them to be exposed to women excelling in all aspects of life, but especially sports. I can’t wait to purchase my season tickets and take my daughters to see and maybe even idolize other women being great in sports.”

Fast forward to 2021, Matthew’s love for his twins permeates through the smile he sends in their direction as we walk around the Banc of California Stadium to snap some photos of the Slaton family modeling our new merch. During our time together at the Banc, we asked him a few questions:

Why did you become interested in Angel City?

I was excited that women’s soccer is coming to Los Angeles. A city that means so much to us as a family. For us, [Angel City] is more than just a team. It’s about having daughters and showing them what women’s representation looks like.

What is your relationship with Los Angeles? 

My wife, kids, and I were all born here in Los Angeles. LA is home. We have season tickets to the Rams, LAFC and will eventually be ACFC season ticket holders. So watching sports together is one of our favorite hobbies. It’s what brings us together. It’s been a part of my family growing up and people always  ask,“How did you get so lucky to go to all these games?” It’s really because my wife loves it as well. It’s just a part of who we are.

… and how about your go-to LA restaurant?

Bottega Louie has a special place in my heart. It’s right in the middle of Downtown LA near the STAPLES Center. I always have to stop by there before a game whether I’m with friends or by myself. When we could physically go there, there was a poached egg and asparagus dish that I couldn't get enough of.

Who is your favorite soccer player? 

Mia Hamm. To me, she’s the best soccer player male or female. It was right before high school when I saw the 1999 Women’s World Cup [Finals]. It was really emotional. Not only was it great to see our country do well, but it was great seeing the women do well. From that moment, that team personified soccer to me.

What will your first Angel City FC game be like?

It’s going to be a tough day emotionally because I love my daughters so much and I just want them to see the representation of elite women athletes that they can look up to. They don’t have to look up to the men. There are women out there that are just as good or even better. I want them to see what it takes to be the best. I’m probably more emotional about it than my wife, to be honest. It means the world to me.

What will the final score of that game read?

3-0. Easy. 


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