Impact Report

Impact Report

Showing Up From Day 1

It’s been less than six months since we announced that Angel City was coming to LA and promised to be different and make a difference. One of our first decisions 

as a club was to partner with LA84 Foundation’s Play Equity Fund. Working with LA84, we held a listening session with more than 25 LA youth sports organizations and had individual conversations with dozens more. Why was this our first priority? We wanted to deepen our understanding of the unique needs of our community, enabling immediate impact and lasting change. This understanding will also impact how we activate the Angel City Sponsorship Model, through which 10% of every sponsorship dollar goes directly into the community.  With new partners Heineken and Therabody we are paying off on this promise.

In 2020, we focused our efforts on our three impact pillars of essentials, equity and education.

ESSENTIALS: Working to meet the basic needs that enable families to stay active, healthy and happy, we distributed 220 ACFC play kits, raised funds for Thanksgiving meals and provided personalized toys to 150 kids in South LA for the holidays. All of this work was done in partnership with local community centers and youth programs, and directly engaged our investors and supporters. Working together our impact will be exponentially greater.

EQUITY: We’ve already had the opportunity to put the ACFC Sponsorship Model into action, bringing about a more equitable future for everyone.  Enabled by our Founding Tech & Wellness Partner Therabody, we launched the Angel City Impact Fund on the Kiva platform. Our members distributed the funds to female small business-owners in California via microloans. As the loans are repaid over 2021, the ACIF will replenish and deploy to support the next generation of borrowers. The impact will keep building and paying it forward.

EDUCATION: In partnership with LA84 Foundation’s Play Equity Fund, we held the first of what will be quarterly ACFC Office Hours: one-hour Q&A sessions with ACFC staff and local teens.  This ongoing program is designed to increase access and understanding of potential career paths for kids in traditionally marginalized communities, and will provide the learning necessary for the future launch of the ACFC Internship Program. 

Angel City FC is an organization with purpose at its core. We’ve only just begun fulfilling our promise to our community and we can’t wait to share everything we’re building in 2021 and beyond.

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