Friday Five x DoorDash: Local & Latinx-Owned Plant Shops

Friday Five x DoorDash: Local & Latinx-Owned Plant Shops

Buying and caring for plants has been all the craze this past year. Though they’ve become somewhat of a pandemic hobby, there are many businesses in our city (old and new) that have been dedicated to connecting to their communities through plants for years! This week, we’ve gathered five Latinx-owned plant shops and nurseries throughout the Los Angeles area for you to support. Whether you’re looking for a bouquet of flowers, a unique plant, or the accessories to go with it, there’s something in this list for everyone — check ‘em out below!

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Avalon Nursery & Ceramics

Owned by Maria Luz Lopez

Photo via @latimesplants on Instagram

Avalon Nursery & Ceramics has been a staple in the South Los Angeles community for 34 years. In 1986, Maria Luz Lopez began selling plants and pots from her car as her main source of income. After receiving citations, Maria took the advice of a Los Angeles officer and started looking into establishing her own nursery. In 1987, Maria found a vacant lot at the corner of Avalon Blvd and 54th St, and the rest is history. Throughout the years, Avalon Nursery has held strong in the community, and despite their temporary closure at the start of the pandemic, the business has boomed with homebound people becoming more interested in caring for plants. While the nursery’s digital presence is still growing, you can get a glimpse of some of the plants available in their “jungle” via Instagram!

Instagram: @avalonnurseryla

Address: 5334 S Avalon Blvd, Los Angeles, CA


Birch and Bone

Owned by Amelia Posada

Photo via @birchandbone on Instagram

A native Angeleno, Amelia Posada is an award winning floral designer and the founder of Birch and Bone. Since launching her business in 2015, Amelia has quickly become known in Los Angeles for her bright, textured, and unique floral creations. While Birch and Bone doesn’t offer a retail location, you can order one of Amelia’s floral arrangements for delivery through her online shop! Birch and Bone offers one-off arrangements, monthly floral subscriptions, candles, and more.

Instagram: @birchandbone


Address: 743 Maple Ave, Los Angeles, CA


Latinx With Plants

Owned by Andi Xoch

Photo by @_sandyaltamirano via @latinxwithplants on Instagram

Latinx with Plants first bloomed in 2019 out of admiration for the community that Black with Plants was cultivating. Owner Andi Xoch had the same desire to celebrate people of color in the plant world, and what initially started as fun memes and plant inspo, grew to something far more. Today, Latinx with Plants has two locations in Los Angeles, and is focused on building and empowering their community. By highlighting and collaborating with different artists, Latinx with Plants has been able to contribute to organizations like Gender Justice LA and the Audre Lorde Project. Their online selection of plants is currently sold out, but make sure to check out ‘em out in person at their locations listed below!

Instagram: @latinxwithplants



  • Sunday-Thursday: 2900 E Cesar Chavez Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90033
  • Wednesday-Sunday: 2117 E Cesar Chavez Ave, Los Angeles, CA

    The Plant Chica

    Owned by Sandra Mejia

    Photo via @theplantchica on Instagram

    Born in South Central Los Angeles to Salvadoran immigrant parents, Sandra Mejia has always connected plants with the feeling of family. Growing up, Sandra and her siblings would often help their mother choose flowers and plants for their church; it is there that Sandra inherited her mother’s love for plants. After giving birth to her son, Alem, Sandra started The Plant Chica as a side hustle with hopes of one day turning it into a family business. Today, The Plant Chica provides high-quality, hard-to-find plants to plant lovers all over the country! If you’re interested in what type of plants The Plant Chica has to offer, click here

    Instagram: @theplantchica


    Address: 4522 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016



    Owned by Kevin Alcaraz and Anthony Diaz

    Photo via @plantiitas on Instagram

    Located in Long Beach, Plantiitas is a queer and POC-owned plant shop that carries a carefully curated collection of tropical houseplants, planters, and handcrafted goods. Owned by Kevin Alcaraz and Anthony Diaz, this small business initially started off as a weekly pop-up shop where locals were able to explore a selection of plants and elaborate macramé plant hangers. Plantiitas has since blossomed and is now the hub for many plant enthusiasts and hobbyists throughout Southern California! Get a glimpse of the plants and accessories they have to offer here.

    Instagram: @plantiitas


    Address: 4003 E 4th St, Long Beach, CA 90814 

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