Friday Five x DoorDash: Local DJs

Friday Five x DoorDash: Local DJs

On any given night in Los Angeles, you can find dozens of DJs spinning in our city’s nightlife scene. Whether they’re working with vinyl or digital, these are the people that create the soundtracks for your night out, or (considering the past year) your backyard boogie! From seasoned vets to rising stars, here are 5 local DJs across various genres that you should know! 

Angel City’s Friday Five series is presented by DoorDash.

DjShai | Shai’La Yvonne

Photo via @dj.shai on Instagram

You can find Shai'La Yvonne, aka “DjShai”, spinning at private events all over Los Angeles. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, DJing was somewhat of a happy accident for Shai'La. In 2015, she bought equipment and spent a year practicing by herself, and at parties for friends and family. To really test the waters, DjShai brought her talents to LA where things quickly took off. Today, DjShai has worked with both top brands and celebrities such as L'Oréal, Netflix, Adrienne Bailon-Houghton, Gina Rodriguez, and many, many more. To listen to DjShai, click here!

Instagram: @dj.shai


Photo via @choopsie_ on Instagram

Meet Choopsie, a newcomer from Leesburg, VA who’s making waves in the West Coast electronic scene. Choopsie began her career playing classical piano, but it wasn’t until the age of 18 that she started experimenting with house music. In 2020, Choopsie made her debut with the two-side EP, Indigo, that put her on the map. Today, Choopsie is booking shows across the country, having recently performed at Dirtybird Campout. You can stream her latest EP, Bloom, here!

Instagram: @choopsie_ 

DJ Sloe Poke | Jorge Silva

Photo via @djsloepoke on Instagram

Jorge Silva, aka “DJ Sloe Poke”, is a Los Angeles native that has been rocking parties consistently since 1994. He’s considered one of LA’s best for his ability to spin several styles of music with ease. With his range, DJ Sloe Poke has found himself spinning at clubs all over the city and opening for shows for Mos Def, David Lee Roth, Yellowman, and Jaguares. Make sure to follow DJ Sloe Poke on Instagram to find out where he’ll be spinning next in LA. To listen to his recent mixes, click here!

Instagram: @djsloepoke

DJ Gracy D | Grace Delgado

Photo via @missgracyd on Instagram

Grace Delgado, aka “DJ Gracy D”, is an open format DJ based out of Long Beach, CA. Before dedicating herself to the music scene, DJ Gracy D attained a double degree from California State University, Dominguez Hills in Business Administration and Theater Arts & Dance. She prides herself on being a self-taught DJ, and her sound is largely influenced by her earlier career as a dancer and choreographer. Today, DJ Gracy D’s ability to move seamlessly through various genres in her sets puts her ahead of the pack. To listen to some of her recent mixes, click here!

Instagram: @missgracyd 

DJ Jazzabella | Priscilla Martinez

Photo via @weareangelcity on Instagram

Priscilla Martinez, aka “DJ Jazzabella”, credits her love for music to  her mother. As a child, she grew up listening to 80’s new wave, disco, and Chicano oldies. Similar sounds can be heard in her work today. After her mother’s passing in 2009, Priscilla battled through her fair share of adversity. Finding time to reconnect with music helped her cope. It wasn’t until she volunteered at Hollow Earth Radio, that Priscilla learned and developed her passion for DJing. Today, that passion has led her to play gigs in Los Angeles, various cities across the country, and stints in Europe! You can check out some of DJ Jazzabella’s live sets here!

Fun Fact: DJ Jazzabella has collaborated with Angel City in the past at both our Summer Kickoff & Christen Press Homecoming events! She is also known for founding Girls Gone Vinyl LA — a safe space for womxn of color DJs with diverse styles/backgrounds who play all vinyl, empower others, and (most importantly) represent LA!

Instagram: @djjazzabella 

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