ACFC and Heineken Team Up With Pride

ACFC and Heineken Team Up With Pride

Soccer is a naturally inclusive sport: all you need is a ball and a couple of sticks as a goal, and anyone can play. But scoring a goal doesn’t just happen by accident; it requires intentionality, dedication, and teamwork - an understanding that everyone on the field is taking part in a common effort to succeed. 

Our goal at Angel City Football Club is to set higher expectations on and off the field and strive for equality and impact.

ACFC has been turning promise into action by putting sponsorship proceeds to work from the very start: through our Angel City Sponsorship Model, an industry first, 10% percent of revenues from all sponsorship deals are invested back into the community because we want to be a vehicle for lasting change.

We celebrate the power of being our true, authentic selves and loving whoever we want to love. Through candid conversation in safe supportive environments, open-minded listening, and respectful consideration of diverse voices, separate groups can come together to reaffirm their common bonds. 

ACFC is excited to announce that our partner, Heineken, will be supporting our efforts this Pride month. To start, we are investing our 10% from the sponsorship deal in the Los Angeles LGBT Center, one of the largest and most experienced providers of LGBT health and mental healthcare in the world. The Center’s mission of championing, celebrating, and caring for LGBT people aligns with ACFC and Heineken’s core belief in the importance of equity for all. The funds will help the Center provide additional services, programming, and resources specifically to support queer women. 

An Angel City FC Pride merchandise collection will be available starting June 3 and feature a t-shirt, cut-off tank, pin, and scarf. Ten percent of proceeds from the sales of these items will be donated to the Los Angeles LGBT Center. Heineken will also generously match the 10% donation from the collection sales.

On top of that, for every seat deposit placed in the month of June for season tickets to the inaugural 2022 season, Angel City FC will donate an additional five dollars ($5) to the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

We’ll be taking our celebration of Pride Month even further, with three days of virtual programming, fundraising, and local community support. Virtual panel events and community conversations, presented by Heineken, will take place online from June 17-19 and will feature honest, open discussions led by the Los Angeles LGBT Center leadership.

In addition, on June 24th, ACFC will host a virtual gathering with the National Center for Lesbian Rights to discuss LGBTQ+ experiences specifcally in women’s sports. The festivities are designed to encourage authenticity and personal storytelling.

We’ll cap off the celebrations by joining the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Pride Picnic at Hollywood Forever on Sunday, June 27th. Fans are invited to join the event that will feature live music from DJ Asha, drag performances from Amber Crane, Greasy Bouffanti, and Laurel Banall, and some of Los Angeles’ most popular food trucks. 

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ACFC’s Pride Month programming is just one way that women’s soccer can amplify the voices of people who are not often given center stage. Our platform in professional women’s sports can be a conduit to empower the LGBTQ+ community and model inclusion from the ground up. We are all at our best when we can be ourselves, without fear or the threat of disenfranchisement. By coming together and showing commitment and solidarity to the LGBTQ+ community, we can put activism into action and create positive change.

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